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Our delicious local greens are a celebration of flavor and texture, totally tasty on their own or as part of your favorite recipes.

Sustainably Grown, Locally Loved

From our indoor farm, Forward Greens are grown just like any other plant but in a way that asks a whole lot less from our environment’s precious resources. Flavors are fresh. The nutrients, rich. And our planet is a whole lot happier.

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Fresh Start - Vertical infoor farms revolutionize food production

Some packages salads sold at Whole Foods Market and other outlets in the Pacific Northwest don't come from sprawling country farms...

New growth for innovative vertical farm, Forward Greens

A Vancouver company is redefining the future of farming– and it’s getting some major growth. Local indoor vertical farm, Forward Greens is growing up instead of out to meet rising demands.

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You've seen them in the produce section, but will salad greens from indoor farms make your lunch taste better and help save the planet?

Vancouver vertical farm grows with new name, tactics, ambitions

A lot has changed for a local indoor vertical farming operation growing microgreens and other edible plants in the old HP building near Fisher’s Landing. Forward Greens, which switched its name from West Village Farm, is running a much larger operation than it was a few years ago. The rows of...

Forward Greens expands into 140 Safeway, Albertsons stores with indoor-farmed produce

Ken Kaneko says Forward Greens is in a constant search for new efficiencies at its Vancouver indoor farm...

Vertical Farming Startup Hopes To Make Fresh, Healthy Greens More Affordable Across America

With land expensive to buy, and farmers facing weather-related changes constantly and a push towards more eco-friendly and local production of food, could indoor (and vertical) farming be part of the answer? Forward Greens, a Vancouver, Washington-based vertical farm is re-envisioning...

Other Recipes

Find more ways to enjoy your greens

Creamy Mango Kale Smoothie

This smoothie is a wonderful way to start the day – it’s sweet, creamy, nutritious, and will keep you full. Feel free to play with the ingredients! Vanilla yogurt is a great swap and the protein powder can be omitted, but it’s a great way to make sure the smoothie carries you through to lunch.

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Brothy Beans with Sweet Mix Microgreens

These brothy beans will quickly become a go-to in your home for quick lunches, comforting dinners, and they even make a pretty great breakfast, especially if you add a soft-boiled egg. The broth gets so well flavored thanks to a low and slow cook with shallots, garlic, lemon, and oregano. Cook on your stovetop or in an Instant Pot depending on your preference!

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Sausage and Klean Kale Stuffing

What’s a holiday meal without stuffing?! This recipe has all the classic flavors you’re after plus a few things to make it special, like red onions, sourdough bread, and our Klean Kale.

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Holiday Lasagna with Kale

Although less common than a honey baked ham, lasagnas have become a staple of holiday dinner tables across the US. And for good reason! They can be prepped ahead, are easy to assemble, and can feed a big group. We took the classic lasagna and added our Kraveable Kale because there’s no reason not to get a little nutrition in on the cheeriest of days.

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