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We're thrilled to share our newest greens now available throughout Oregon and Washington. A fun mix of flavor and color, our baby greens, salad greens and microgreens are delicious on their own or as part of your favorite recipes — for the creative cook or as a kid-friendly pick. Find your mix!


95% less water,
3% the space

Respecting resources
at every turn.

Locally grown,
super fresh

Delivered quickly
with minimal mileage.

No pesticides,

Greens start clean and
stay that way.


Up, up & forward

A full-fledged farm in a building? You bet. We took a farm and tilted it up, instead of out—growing fields-worth of greens in a small warehouse space. Food, as fresh as nature would make, grown in a way that asks the least of our resources.

Who We Are

Food’s our passion

We love food too much not to care where it comes from, what's in it (or not), and how it can be as good for the earth as it is for the people on it. Our mission is to grow the tastiest greens for the local communities we serve – all while preserving precious resources.

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We're here because we love to eat. Dig in to our tasty recipes for your next meal. Get creative with our delicious greens and find your culinary inspiration!