We're Forward Greens, an indoor farm grown with local love

Our mission is to grow the freshest, tastiest greens for the local communities we serve, all while preserving precious resources. We hope you’ll join us!
Prepping meal with Forward Greens
Seeds of Change

Our recipe of growing greens is simple: light, water, air, human care

Our hope is to make indoor farming more sustainable, accessible, and repeatable so that it can be a resource for communities across the country. Where fresh, delicious, local greens are good for you and the place you call home.

The indoor farming industry is very much new and growing, and we’re excited to be leading the way in the Pacific Northwest—an area so perfectly beautiful that it deserves every effort of protection.

Our Team

We're a small local team that lives in and loves the Pacific Northwest!

Year-round production

Innovative indoor farming meets caring individuals.

Partnering with difference makers

Supporting inclusive employment with Trillium Employment Services

Donating fresh produce

Nonprofits and food banks across Vancouver and Portland
Ken Kaneko
Will Tabajonda
Forward Greens founders Ken Kaneko and Will Tabajonda

Friends finding inspiration and putting their spin on it

Ken Kaneko founded Forward Greens in 2018 with co-founder – and best friend from high school – Will Tabajonda. It was on a business trip to Japan that Ken was first introduced to vertical farming. Intrigued by the idea, they combined their engineering backgrounds to make indoor farming more about the food and growing it sustainably.

Flash forward to the outcome – a place where the people are not only passionate about the environment but also open to trying new things and championing new ideas around foods and how they’re made!

We’re committed to growing greens year-round for our local communities and hope to play a role in moving the industry forward!


Frequently asked questions

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