Community is more than a word.

Building community partnerships, Community is more than a word. Recently we teamed up to help out with a very inspiring company, Oregon's Harbor of Hope.

Harbor Of Hope uses food, nutritional education, business incubation and agricultural development as tools to help our neighbors attain better health outcomes, greater equity, more prosperity, a cleaner environment, and more social capital. Harbor of hope works collaboratively to align missions, visions and values; to resource each other; to seek outside resources; and, to work on specific projects and strategies together.

Our mission is to address the diverse needs of the homeless population in Portland and surrounding communities. Our work involves collaboration with local organizations dedicated, in whole or in part, to addressing the needs of the homeless. We’re dedicated to educating the public, private and nonprofit sectors about the nature, extent and impacts of homelessness on the city and area, and what they can do to help. - Harbor Of Hope

We love food and feeding people. It energizes us. If you are able, share a meal, warm word, or a kind thought for someone in need.

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