Hydroponics Tips for Beginners

Give warmth

You can give plants a jump start sooner than when they typically would survive outdoors with indoor gardening. Let plants thrive in your ambient temperatures, as it will feel like spring or summer to them (because your house is warm!).

Grow for love

Start with what you enjoy the most. If it’s herbs, grow what you like to eat fresh and eat in everyday cooking. Herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, cilantro are versatile and great for newbies.

Follow their cycle

For plants that will fruit or green, follow the seed’s natural cycle of its developmental period. Plant it indoors to give it time to germinate before it would usually thrive outdoors and only move it after the last frost.

Stress it out

If you start a plant indoors to move it later outdoors, don’t water as frequently. Roots need to be built strong, so stress it out a little. For those staying inside, drainage is vital. Check the soil often and top it off only when it’s looking dry.

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