Inclusive Employment with Trillium

When Trillium Employment Services reached out to Forward Greens last year, we were excited to learn about the nonprofit organization that works with businesses to integrate people with intellectual disabilities into the workforce. 

“Forward Greens is such a great Trillium partner and inclusive employer,” said Donna Gunnels, a senior employment consultant with Trillium. “They were very open to the idea of supported employment when I first contacted them.”


Adults with developmental disabilities commonly face challenges finding employment. At Forward Greens, we’ve come to learn that in addition to creating equitable access to jobs, by broadening the understanding of inclusive hiring practices to account for people with disabilities, companies can learn how to make roles more accessible.

“It’s nice to partner with another organization with such an important mission, especially to recruit and train Forward Green team members who are helping to make a difference in the food space,” said Forward Greens founder Ken Kaneko.

Connor Finerty, one of three employees that Forward Greens hired through Trillium, was named Employee of the Month with the company.

Since our partnership began, Forward Greens has hired three employees through Trillium. The experience with Trillium has been rewarding on both sides. We’ve found great matches between skills and roles, which is why we continue to hire from Trillium. Their organization is an asset to our local business community, and we plan to continue our partnership.

Trillium has been serving people with disabilities and Washington state employers since 1983. Learn more about Trillium Employment Services at


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