Reducing our use of plastics.

From Zero to Hero.

We heard your requests, and we’ve made some changes from our old packaging. We have now successfully ditched the clamshell packaging.‍

Forward Greens
Published on
December 14, 2020

The Problem

There is too much plastic. There's no infrastructure to support the waste stream of plastic; You cant recycle it, you can't compost it, to dispose of it.

Unfortunately in our region, even products made of 100% recyclable material, cannot always be recycled.

The Process

Our Solution

From compostable clamshells, to recyclable tubs we asked, assessed and came to the conclusion that the humble bag was the optimal choice.

We did the research, with the Pacific Northwest Municipalities and learned that using less is the best. Even if everyone in the PNW recycled the clamshells or tubs, our bags produce a lower carbon footprint.

We've ditched the clamshells.

Per life cycle analysis, the bags use a whole lot less plastic.

Support us reducing our carbon impact by asking/looking for Forward Greens!

Eventually we want to move to something that has even lower impact on the Earth. We're always looking Forward! If you have any forward ideas, please shoot us an email or reach out below. Thank you.