our greens.

baby leaf mixes

West Village Greens Mighty Micros is a mix of tokyo bekana and microgreens. Mildly sweet with a crunchy texture.

mighty micros

tokyo bekana ◊ Microgreen mix

Micro in size but mighty in flavor! Tokyo Bekana provides a smooth buttery flavor with brassica benefits while the microgreens pack a sweet, nutty, and spicy punch.

West Village Greens Sweet Shoots is a blend of sugar snap peas and astro arugula. Sweet front with a peppery finish.

sweet shoots

sugar snap peas ◊ astro arugula

The incredible combination of peppery arugula and sweet & nutty pea shoots will leave you wanting more!

West Village Greens Cosmic Arugula features astro arugula and tokyo bekana. Nutty, peppery, sweet and crunchy.

cosmic arugula

astro arugula ◊ tokyo bekana

This mix is  out-of-this-world! A nutty, peppery, sweet and crunchy blend of astro arugula and tokyo bekana. Your taste buds will thank you.

West Village Greens Everyday Wellness is a blend of amara kale, tokyo bekana and red pac. Buttery, mildly sweet and spicy.

everyday wellness

amara kale ◊ tokyo bekana ◊ Red pac

Buttery, mildly sweet and spicy

West Village Greens Culinary Delight mixes komastuna, tokyo bekana and red pac. Tender, mildly sweet and spicy.

culinary delight

komastuna ◊ tokyo bekana ◊ Red pac

Tender, mildly sweet and spicy

Microgreen mixes

West Village Greens Hot Mix combines tokyo bekana and red mustard microgreens. Spicy and sweet with a smooth texture.

hot mix

tokyo bekana ◊ Red mustard

West Village Greens Micro Arugula. A nutty and peppery flavor.

micro arugula

◊ astro arugula ◊

West Village Greens Sweet Mix blends microgreen cabbage, red pac and kohlrabi. Spicy and sweet with a smooth texture.

sweet mix

cabbage ◊ red pac ◊ kohlrabi

West Village Greens Micro Broccoli. Sweet, mild and crunchy.

micro broccoli

◊ broccoli ◊

West Village Greens Pea Shoots features micro green sugar snap peas. Sweet front with a peppery finish.

pea shoots

◊ sugar snap peas ◊