Tokyo Bekana · Cabbage · Kohlrabi

Mighty Micros

A power packed, all star team of nutrients. Overflowing with our tokyo bekana, cabbage and kohlrabi all together to create a harmonious bag of well-balanced goodness.. so magic in fact that In Ancient China 1000 B.C, people touted cabbage as a magic cure-all for bald men. It’s hard to say if there’s any truth to these claim, but no one can deny cabbage has some wicked health benefits.

Available in

More plants,
less plastic

We've ditched the clamshells. Per life cycle analysis, the bags use a whole lot less plastic.

but mighty

Our tetrahedral bag is filled with air to ensure a safe journey from our farm to your mouth.

and enjoy

Quite possibly, the best bag for our world
(and your greens)!