Believe in Green

Our commitment to sustainability.

We took a farm and tilted it up, instead of out—growing a fields-worth of greens for the Pacific Northwest.

Forward Greens are grown just like any other plant but in a way that asks a whole lot less from our environment’s precious resources. Flavors are fresh. The nutrients, rich. And our planet is a whole lot happier. We believe in change, planting the seeds to create a cleaner future for generations to come.
An indoor grow room showcasing Forward Greens sustainable operation
Planet Promise

Feel good about good food

We love food too much not to care where it comes from, what's in it (or not), and how it can be as good for the earth as it is for the people on it.

So we’re committed to sustainable practices from seed to shelf. By growing indoors, we save on water and land – and can grow year-round regardless of climate conditions. Our location helps reduce emissions by traveling less distance to deliver fresh produce quickly to the local communities we serve.

We continue to improve at every turn. Our packaging uses up to 50% less plastic as compared to traditional clamshells, while still providing the protection our delicious greens need. Learn about recycling options through our partnership with Ridwell.

95% less water, 97% less land

Respecting resources at every turn

No pesticides, period

Greens start clean and stay that way

Locally grown, super fresh

Delivered quickly with minimum mileage
Less water compared to traditional outdoor farming
Less land compared to traditional outdoor farming
Non-GMO seeds and no chemicals used, ever
Redistributed and recycled water system reduces run-off
Minimal harvest loss and much less food waste
miles traveling only locally reduced emissions with greens
less plastic used in our packaging than traditional clamshells
Package recycling partnership with Ridwell